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DUI Defense

Many people feel hopeless and embarrassed after a DUI arrest due to the stigma and perceived certainty of breath and blood test results. This leads to a countless number of people who are innocent, overcharged or who would have otherwise had their cases dismissed or significantly reduced, simply going to court and accepting the first deal offered by the prosecutor without ever knowing their possible defenses.

Accordingly, the importance of hiring a Los Angeles DUI attorney after a DUI arrest cannot be understated. A DUI arrest in Los Angeles is not just a slap on the wrist, as it can lead to jail time, driver license suspension, loss of employment, several thousand-dollar fines, several month-long alcohol programs, community labor, installation of an interlock ignition device and car insurance spikes, to name a few.

KF Law uses his several years of experience to ensure that every DUI case receives the thorough evaluation it deserves, and no questions are left unanswered including:

  • Whether you are being wrongfully charged or overcharged because of a faulty/improperly calibrated breath test machine or improper blood draw and entitled to a dismissal or reduced plea offer,
  • Whether your stop and subsequent arrest were illegal necessitating a suppression motion and dismissal, and
  • Whether your arresting officer took your license without following correct DMV procedures necessitating a set-aside of your license suspension proceedings.

If there is something wrong with your case you cannot count on the prosecutor to give you a heads-up. The only way to leave no stone unturned in your case is to fight it with an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer.

KF Law is experienced in defending clients charged with violent crimes including but not limited to:

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